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Galvanised and Rust Windmill 1200mm

Galvanised and Rust Windmill 1200mm

SKU: 2978


Galvanised and Rust Windmill 1200mm.


Are you looking for memorabilia or a piece of the Australian outback that you can give as a gift to your friend or relative? Then look no further than this heavy-duty windmill. The windmills were once a common sight in the Australian countryside. People used them for pumping groundwater or grinding grains.

Modern technologies have since replaced most of these aging structures. But they continue to be a symbol of the great Australian countryside. So, if you want to give someone something unique, there can be no better gift than a garden windmill.

This windmill comes with galvanised tail & blades and using heavy-duty steel. To add to the feel of outback Australia this piece is painted in a rustic color.

You can use this decorative galvanised windmill as the perfect feature to your garden and at 1200mm height it will surely stand out as the centre piece.

Product Information:

Size: 120 cm

Materials: Steel

Packaging Quantity: 1


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