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Closed Eyes Face Pot

Closed Eyes Face Pot

SKU: 3939
  • Description:

    This cute planter can be used to host a stunning arrangement of flowers sitting on your table or bookshelf inside the home or in the garden or you can simply just use it as an art sculpture. This closed eyed face pot will be sure to bring warmth & calm to any space in your home.

    Has a drainage hole to drain excess water, protect plant root healthy grow.

    Product Information:

    Size: 12 x 6.5 x 17.5cm

    Materials: Resin

    Packaging Quantity: 1

** Note: It’s top-heavy when it’s empty, take care when you plant her, please. We recommend laying a layer of gravel with a thickness of more than 2cm on the bottom of the face planters for indoor plants, which can lower the centre of gravity of the flowerpot. It will not affect the drainage of the flowerpot, but also prevent it from tipping over after the plant is planted. **


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